Best Websites Selling 10K Instagram Followers for Less Than $70

Quick growth on Instagram – this is something that every influencer, individual Instagram user, or brand is looking for. Thanks to the modern digital era it has become possible to grow exponentially in less than a few days.

10K followers is not an easy goal for those who want to gain followers organically. The organic Instagram marketing strategies would require at least two months to get to 10,000 followers on Instagram. But there are websites that have ready-made packages for Instagram users and influencers with 10,000 followers. 

Best Websites Selling 10K Instagram Followers

In this article, we explore those websites that have quality 10,000 followers but for less than $70 for a package. 

Mixx – $39.99

Mixx has 8 packages and all of them are incredibly cheap. The largest package available at Mixx consists of 10,000 real followers. This package costs less than 40 USD. For this price you get Instagram users who are actively engaged on the platform, scroll the feed every day, and like other Instagrammers’ posts frequently.

These are not bots or AIs, they are not fake profiles that get deactivated after a month due to Instagram’s terms of use breach. 

You get a guarantee from Mixx that you will retain your 10,000 followers. In case any of the MIxx’s delivered profiles unfollow you the company delivers a refill for the lost followers. 

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Buzzoid – $55.99

Buzzoid is another cheap service for Instagram follower growth. While their largest package is not 10,000, 55.99 USD is a very affordable price for a lot of influencers to pay. Their biggest follower plan is 20,000 which comes at nearly 100 USD.

However, take into account that these are regular followers (no premium accounts). They are not as active as the ones described in Mixx’s service package. If you need an active followers package then Buzzoid offers a plan that delivers 10,000 active followers for 130 USD. 

There is a premium service at Buzzoid for celebrities with VIP features such as boosting opportunities for collaboration. This service provides 10,000 followers for 310 USD. 

SocLikes – $59.99

SocLikes provides a lot of options for Instagram followers. You can choose global followers or specify your target location. The SocLikes platform allows you to buy followers from the United States, Russia, European countries, Latin countries, the UK, the Middle East, and Japan.

While the worldwide follower package costs 60 USD the country-specific options are more expensive. For example, the followers who come from European countries will cost you 130 USD for 10,000 followers. 

SocLikes has a package of 100,000 followers for the global option. This package costs 350 USD. Furthermore, if you need cheaper Instagram follower services you can choose the managed growth plan of SocLikes (followers distributed in 30 days).

TweSocial – $64.5

TweSocial is a marketplace for Twitter. The platform is mostly used by Twitter users, brands, and influencers. However, it does offer very cheap follower packages for Instagram.

The quality of their Instagram services is not as high as for Mixx, Buzzoid, or SocLikes, but is still adequate, especially taking into account the affordable pricing it offers. You can get 10,000 followers on TweSocial for less than 65 USD.

These followers are real Instagram users but some of them could be inactive (not posting, not liking other posts). 

The biggest TweSocial package is 15,000 followers. Customers can order this follower package for less than 100 USD. All packages at TweSocial have 24/7 customer support in case you have any questions or difficulties. 

UseViral – $64.50

UseViral is a well-respected marketplace for Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media promotional service providers. The platform offers three types of followers depending on the goals, preferences, and needs of the business or individual Instagram account.

You can choose a general follower package with 10,000 followers in it at a cost of $64.50. The same package comes with a premium option of higher-quality accounts that costs $87.08. 

The two other options cost the same as the general package – black followers only and female followers only. 

Twicsy – $69.99

Twicsy is a loud name in the social media promotion market. The service provider is famous for its high-quality and cheap service. Twicsy, similar to Buzzoid, provides three package types for individuals (standard package), brands (active followers package), and influencers (influencer/celebrity package).

10,000 followers of the standard package costs nearly 70 USD, the active followers package of 10,000 followers costs 137 USD, and the celebrity/influencer package of the same size is priced at 300 USD. 

Twicsy offers a money-back guarantee, as well, as regular refill options for followers that you lose over time. You can rely on the 24/7 customer service, as well, in case of any issues or inquiries.

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There are not many websites selling 10,000 followers for less than $70. The options are even more limited when it comes to quality services, real accounts, and the guarantee to maintain those accounts over time.

This list features the 6 most reliable and quality services available in the industry that offer large packages of 10 K followers for less than 70 USD.