6 Tips to Find Balance as a Teacher and Mom

Being both a teacher and a mom is rewarding yet challenging. Teachers nurture children’s growth and development in the classroom, while moms nurture their children at home. Though playing these dual roles can be difficult, with some planning and self-care, it is possible to find balance.

Find Balance as a Teacher and Mom

According to a recent survey, over 76% of teachers are women, and about 48% of public school teachers have children living at home. It means a significant number of teachers play the role of mom too. 

While juggling these responsibilities is not easy, it helps to focus on maintaining routines, managing time wisely, taking care of yourself, and more. With the right strategies, teacher moms can find harmony between their personal and professional lives.

Here are six tips to help teacher moms balance their responsibilities:

  • Seeking Professional Development

The importance for teachers to continue learning and developing their skills cannot be stressed enough, and those already playing the dual role of mom and teacher can benefit even more. Seek professional development opportunities that spark your interest and enrich your teaching abilities. 

Continue growing as an educator by taking courses or workshops. You can look for PD opportunities that fit your schedule as a busy parent, like workshops or online classes with childcare options. 

In the age of digital learning, you might consider an online Master of Teaching program, which can provide you with advanced skills and flexible study hours. In addition, read teaching blogs and educational articles. 

You become more confident and effective as a teacher by dedicating time to learn and grow.

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  • Making Use of Available Resources

Teacher moms need to be resourceful in finding ways to maximize efficiency. Take full advantage of technologies and tools that create efficiency. Use online grade books, lesson plan sharing sites, email for communication, and mobile apps to maximize productivity. Besides that, apps can streamline communication with students. 

You should also consider resources like grocery delivery to reduce meal planning time or outsource tasks when possible by hiring cleaning help every other week or finding a reputable babysitting service. Finding and utilizing resources allows you to focus your limited time and energy on the most important priorities.

  • Establishing a Routine

Having set routines both at home and for your classes creates structure and consistency, plus they help kids feel secure and allow you to focus. 

When routines are established, everyone knows what to expect and can move through tasks more efficiently. Kids often respond well to routines as it gives them a sense of stability. For working moms, having predictable schedules reduces morning chaos and makes balancing roles easier.

Similarly, create consistent weekly routines for yourself as a teacher. Set aside certain blocks of time for lesson planning, grading papers, communicating with parents, etc. Schedule your most demanding work during your peak energy times and protect those blocks on your calendar.

Routines help you maximize your productivity as a teacher while also giving you designated family time.

  • Time Management Skills

Effective time management is critical for teacher moms. Start by making daily to-do lists and scheduling priorities. Rank tasks based on importance and tackle the most critical ones first. Schedule focused blocks of time for lesson planning when you have energy. Batch grade papers at designated times. Take advantage of little pockets of time throughout the day, like having kids do independent reading while you grade a few assignments. Say no to extra meetings or school activities when you need family time.

Also, look at the week ahead and schedule out certain days or times for school work versus family time. For example, perhaps Friday nights and Saturdays are for family time. On Tuesday nights, you get a sitter and tackle grading. You can schedule meal prep and cleaning on Sundays to prepare for the week ahead. 

Finding a weekly rhythm and sticking to it helps maximize your efficiency and focus during teacher and mom roles.

  • Taking Care of Yourself

Don’t neglect your own needs. As a teacher mom, it’s easy to pour everything into caring for others and neglect yourself. However, you cannot effectively care for your students and children if you are exhausted. 

Make self-care a top priority. Ensure you eat a balanced diet, exercise, and get 7-8 hours of sleep to have energy. Schedule time for hobbies, social activities, or just alone time to recharge. Also, don’t shy away from asking for help. Let your family and friends know when you need help; people who love and care for you are happy to be available in times of need. 

You can also find childcare coverage so you can attend doctor’s appointments. Seeking support and nurturing yourself is not selfish – it enables you to be fully present and engaged in both roles.

  • Setting Boundaries Between Work and Home

Learn to “switch hats” between your mom and teacher roles, as it’s important to set boundaries between your work and home life. Try to focus fully on your students and teaching responsibilities when you’re at school. Avoid doing family tasks or thinking about home duties. Similarly, try to be mentally present with your kids when you’re at home. Set limits on doing schoolwork during family time – perhaps no grading until kids are in bed. Turn off email notifications on your phone when home, so you’re not distracted. Clear boundaries will help you be more focused, present, and energized in each role.

Of course, there may be times when work and family life overlap. When this happens, communicate clearly with your family that you have a school task that needs attention for a short time. Schedule catch-up family time for later.


Balancing teaching and motherhood requires planning, boundaries, support, and self-care. Implementing even a few of these tips can help teacher moms find greater harmony between their personal and professional responsibilities. You can successfully nurture your kids at home and school with routine, resourcefulness, and community. 

So, stay encouraged, celebrate small victories, and be gentle with yourself. You’ve got this!