How do the Extra Innings in Baseball Work?

Baseball is a sport where there can be no draws. In other words, one of the teams must be the winner once the match concludes. However, after the normal playing period, sometimes a winner is not decided, so other ways need to be used in order to decide who wins the match.

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Imagine the following situation, a baseball match is played, the 9 innings end, and both teams have exactly the same number of runs. In other sports, an option would simply be to declare the match as a draw and just go home. However, this is not how baseball works. Instead, baseball has its own tie-breaking method. Here is where the extra innings are played, which take place until a winner is determined.

Each extra inning starts like any other of the 9 innings, with each of the 2 teams getting a chance to bat. The team batting at the top of the inning is the visiting team, while the home team bats at the bottom.

Extra Innings in Baseball Work

The game goes on until 1 of the teams scores more runs than the other at the end of a completed inning. The best betting site is 1xBet, where wagers on kabaddi, baseball and other sports, with their corresponding decisive moments, are available too.

Some interesting facts about this aspect of the game

There is an interesting change that was introduced relatively recently to this occurrence. As of the 2020 season, Major League Baseball (MLB) introduced a new rule to speed things up a bit. If you want to wager on extra innings, then the best place to do so is the website.

This change states that each half-inning after the 9th begins with a runner on 2nd base. This runner is the player who made the last out in the previous inning (or a pinch-runner for that player). For many people this is still a controversial change. However, it has indeed increased the likelihood of teams scoring, making these nail-biting extra innings a tad bit shorter.

Extra innings are not that rare. Some interesting aspects about them can be summarized as follows:

  • it is estimated that between 8% and 10% of all MLB games need extra innings to decide a winner;
  • the exact number of extra innings required to decide the winner of a match is variable;
  • however, on average, most MLB matches that need to go into extra innings are resolved during the 10th or 11th inning;

All those facts show that wagering on extra innings on platforms such as 1xBet can definitely be a great idea. Another interesting fact about the extra innings is related to the longest MLB match ever in terms of innings. This contest was played in 1920, and its protagonists were the Boston Braves and the Brooklyn Robins.

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The match ended at the 26th inning, but not because a winner was decided. Instead, night had fallen, and there was no illumination back then. This is one of the very few MLB matches that have ended in a tie. Just imagine how much those 2 teams could have continued playing if they had had illumination.

In terms of time, the Chicago White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers played an 8 hour and 6-minute game in 1984. However, they needed less innings to decide the match, as they did so in just 22 of them.

There are some strategies that can be applied during the extra innings. For example, coaches sometimes ask their batsman to make a bunt in order to allow the runner to advance to 3rd base. This is very helpful, because in 3rd base, it is very easy for that runner to eventually manage a run.

The 2018 World Series also offered a great match that was decided in extra innings. Here the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox played a total of 18 innings, which is basically double the number of innings that is played in a regular match. Eventually, the Dodgers won the match, which lasted a bit more than 7 hours.

As it can be seen, the extra innings are another element that makes baseball a uniquely exciting sport. Those are exciting moments that leave fans absolutely delighted, while also feeling the tension of waiting for a winner.