10 Lines on My Hobby

10 Lines on My Hobby: What is a hobby? A hobby is usually called a habit or activity of a person which is performed in free time and that makes a person happy. Sometimes it’s also a profession of a person but sometimes it’s not. But a hobby really makes a person’s heart full of happiness.

Let me explain how a hobby makes a person happy. When a person performs his hobby it makes his mind peaceful and relaxed. Which results in happiness in the heart of that person.

5,10,20 Lines on My Hobby In English For Students

Hobbies give you the opportunity to enjoy your free time by doing something that you love. According to studies the health and mood of a person improve when he/she does his hobby. A hobby is anything like reading books, playing games, watching movies, and so on.

Using different sets of words in english. We’re providing 5 lines, 20 lines and points, a few lines, sentences, and 10 lines on my hobby for kids, children, and students. This article is also helpful for those who are preparing for competitive exams.

5 Lines on My Hobby For Kids

Students in classes 1,2,3,4 and 5 can benefit from this set.

  1. My name is Alex, and my hobby is reading comic books.
  2. My favourite comic book is Amulet: The Stonekeeper.
  3. I want to be a comic writer in the future and will write amazing books.
  4. My other siblings also love to read my books.
  5. All my comic books are placed in my drawers.

10 Lines on My Hobby For Children

Following are the 10 lines on my hobby. Students in classes 6,7, and 8 can benefit from this set.

10 Lines on My Hobby For Children
  1. My hobby is a very common hobby, especially for children of my age.
  2. Playing video games is my hobby and I love to play video games.
  3. I spent all my weekends playing video games.
  4. I have a PlayStation in my room. My father gave me this PS on my 5th birthday.
  5. I really enjoy playing video games, especially with my siblings.
  6. There are many games on my PlayStation but I like fighting games a lot.
  7. My passion for video games is the next level that I want to become a games developer to release my own games.
  8. Sometimes my parents warned me not to play games this much.
  9. They told me that playing video games on a regular basis can harm my health.
  10. I want to advise my fellows to not become addicted to video games as it kills time.

10 Sentences and Points on My Hobby For Students

Following are the 10 lines on my hobby. Students in classes 9 and 10 can benefit from this set.

10 Sentences and Points on My Hobby For Students
  1. Hiking is something different and people are usually afraid of this adventure.
  2. But it’s my hobby and I love hiking as it’s a great way to improve my physical strength.
  3. As my hobby is not an easy thing because it requires a lot of human power and effort.
  4. Hiking is also an amazing way to enjoy nature with fresh air and beautiful natural scenery.
  5. In this adventure, I discover many new mountains and world-class destinations.
  6. When I’m on hiking, I forget all my pains which results in the improvement of my mental health.
  7. My hobby has given me many achievements as I conquer new heights of many mountains.
  8. Exploring historic sites and landmarks while hiking can help you connect with history and culture.
  9. Many people think my hobby is an expensive hobby but in reality, it requires minimal equipment.
  10. Getting away from the noise and distractions of modern life, hiking can be a great way to unwind and disconnect.

20 Lines on My Hobby for Higher Class Students

This set is beneficial for classes of 11, 12, and competitive exams students.

20 Lines on My Hobby for Higher Class Students
  1. There are many hobbies in the world but my hobby is something unique.
  2. Painting is my hobby, it’s not only my hobby but my passion and I usually win prizes at shcool in painting competition.
  3. My hobby allows me to express myself with my painting skills.
  4. In painting, I feel like I’m sharing my emotions and feelings by using brushes and colours.
  5. My painting hobby helps me to reduce my stress and anxiety.
  6. During painting my mind disconnects from this fast-moving world which helps me to relax my soul.
  7. In painting, I usually do experiments with different colours, which results in improving my knowledge.
  8. These experiments not only improve my knowledge but also improve my creativity.
  9. Many people do Yoga and different breathing exercises for meditation, but for me, my hobby is meditation.
  10. I really love my hobby as it’s a great way to communicate and bond with others.
  11. It’s also fun for me, especially when I teach these skills to my juniors.
  12. I love to take part in painting competitions and most of the time I win prizes.
  13. These challenges and competition gives me a lot of learning and also motivate me.
  14. My hobby also helps me to focus and concentrate on other sectors of my life.
  15. I learn a lot of other things from my hobby, and patience is one of them.
  16. Painting taught me how to trust the process and improved my patience level.
  17. Anyone who wants to learn problem-solving skills can learn from painting.
  18. My hobby changed my vision to see this world, as now I can observe art deeply.
  19. I respect and appreciate the arts of my juniors and my students, as it’s essential in every field.
  20. I’m very passionate about my hobby as I want to work 24/7 on this skill and earn my livelihood.

FAQs on 10 Lines on My Hobby

Yes, a good hobby can benefit you in many ways, like creative skills, innovative skills, and problem-solving skills.

Yes, getting active outside of school and schoolwork is also beneficial for your life and offers numerous benefits that you may not be aware of.

There is a long list of hobbies a person can have some of them are, Painting, reading, hiking, playing video games, and so on.