Paragraph on My Hobby

Paragraph on My Hobby: Scientists say hobbies are a way to express the talent of a person. Hobbies are usually those activities that a person loves to do in his/her free time. Not only in free time but sometimes a person makes free his/her time for that activity to relax the mind and body.

Short and Long Paragraph on My Hobby In English for Students

So now we’re providing short and long written paragraphs on my hobby for classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, and students of higher classes with different word counts. These paragraphs are helpful for kids, children, and students of any age and class. You can also read our article on my hobby essay.

Paragraph on My Hobby – 100 to 150 Words for Class 1,2,3

Children are very tired after a tough day in school and tuition. After tuition they love to do their favourite activities like dancing, playing online games, painting, and so on. Their activities are called hobbies, and it’s a source of enjoyment and refreshment.

Hobbies can also be pursued as a career, but it depends on a person’s will. A hobby can be anything depending on the interest of a person. Hobby also helps anyone to make new friends.

There are some difficult hobbies like hiking and gyming. Other people may find these hobbies difficult, but as long as a person is passionate about his hobby. So he has no problems with his hobby and loves his activity. As his hobby relaxes his mind and gives him pleasure and a sense of satisfaction for his activity.

Short Paragraph on My Hobby – 150 to 200 Words for Class 4,5,6 Children

Short Paragraph on My Hobby

Visiting forests is my hobby and I find it very exciting. In my childhood, I visited the forest on a school picnic. Since that time I have been fond of visiting forests so much. The results of travelling in the forest for me is like relaxing therapy for me. Because forest invities you to witness the natural beauty of our world.

In the forest, I witness many unseen visuals like mountains and rivers. In these places, I feel very close to nature and I always participate in group tours to visit forests. The knowledge of tour experts is amazing and I never leave a chance to learn from experts about trees and nature.

Visiting the forest is an amazing adventure for me, as walking through grassy and rough lands is a good experience for me. The air quality of the forest is so pure as it heals my lungs also, which are damaged due to pollution in the air of cities.

I used to go to forests with my father in my childhood, my uncle also joined us. We often visited other forests which resulted in my interest in the forest. My interest in the forest is so insane that I wish my interest would last forever.

Paragraph on My Hobby – 200 to 250 Words for Class 7,8 Students

A hobby is usually a particular activity that is done tirelessly by a person. And I find embroidery is an activity that I can do anytime without feeling tired. I found embroidery to be my hobby 2 years ago, as after this activity I found myself fresh and relaxed.

Now I love to play with threads of different colours and always try to make unique and amazing designs on dresses. Not only different colours but different types of threads and clothes are also used by me. Now I have many varieties of designs embroidery on dresses.

Embroidery is not that easy for everyone, as it’s purely based on the interest of a person. However, it’s a time-taking process but I love my hobby and am very interested in it. I made many apparels of new styles and my friends also liked and praised me for my work.

There are many amazing designs in my collection but one design is my favourite and that is a cupcake design. I made an embroidery design on a tablecloth of my house. All of my family members love the design and my father also gives me 1000 Rupees as a gift for my art.

My passion for my hobby is insane. Sometimes I take my mother’s sarees and design them with my art. I do flowers and butterflies embroidery on it and my mother also loves my designs. She also encourages me to further explore my hobby and pursue it as a career.

Long Paragraph on My Hobby – 300+ Words for Class 9,10,11,12 Students

Long Paragraph on My Hobby

Many skills come with a hobby like time management, creativity, and so on. A hobby represents a person’s behaviour and skills. All people have different hobbies but people mostly become friends with the same hobbies and interests. 

I have many hobbies but writing and reading are my favourite hobbies. My interest in writing and reading started at my school in 1st grade. And over time it becomes my strong habit, and all my free time is spent writing and reading. My vocabulary and writing abilities have improved as a result of reading books.

Now I want to tell you the benefits of writing and reading. Firstly, writing helps you to express your feelings and emotions through your words. Secondly, reading improves your language skills and makes your mind respond quickly. 

Nowadays it’s become very easy to understand a difficult word. Google helps a lot and provides you with the meaning and explanation of a difficult word. So due to this digital google, we don’t need to carry heavy dictionary nooks.

My hobby of writing inspires me to have a diary and write in it. So I always write in my diary about my day and the events of that day every night. I also write funny stories for children and it makes me happy when I see children read my stories.

William Wordsworth is my favourite English writer. Sometimes it happens that I don’t get time to complete my entries, so I do it the next day. That motivates me to keep writing. As a result of reading and writing, we become smarter and have a higher IQ.

A book-reading hobby is one of the best hobbies ever since it allows you to gain knowledge and learn new things. And my writing hobby makes me productive every day. I never feel tired and bored while writing and reading. Thus, I enjoy my hobbies and want to make them my profession.

FAQs on Paragraph on My Hobby

No, it’s not really necessary to take help from others, just follow your passion.

Yes, you can make your career from your hobby, if you’re doing it passionately.

Yes, it helps you in building your personality and character.