My Hobby Essay

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Short and Long My Hobby Essay In English For Children and Students

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My Hobby Essay 10 Lines – 100 to 150 Words for Class 3,4,5 Kids

Following are the 10 lines on my hobby essay

  • Everyone has their own hobbies and mine is dancing.
  • Since my childhood, I have loved dancing like crazy.
  • I’m very passionate about dancing.
  • Dancing has many benefits like fun and physical fitness.
  • My dancing hobby allows me to express my feelings through it.
  • When you dance, you can connect with others through this art.
  • Mastering new dance moves and steps gives me a sense of achievement.
  • My hobby helps me to keep in shape as maintaining weight is very important.
  • I learn many forms of dance like hip-hop, salsa, contemporary, and so on.
  • Every day I practice all moves and steps of dance as I want to become a brand in this industry. 

My Hobby Essay Short – 200 to 250 Words for Class 6,7,8 Children

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Most people have their first love of the opposite gender. But I’m not one of them. My first love is my cycle. From my childhood, I have loved cycling as it’s my first love and my hobby. My hobby has become an integral part of my life. Cycling is also a perfect solution for my fitness also.

My hobby allows me a lot of opportunities like keeping me in shape, exploring outdoors, and enjoying the beauty of nature. Now let me tell you, share my experience of cycling and the benefits of cycling as a hobby in detail.

The first major benefit of cycling is that it is a great form of cardio exercise. This workout is essential for our body joints, as in cycling you don’t need to lift heavy weights. According to studies, heavy weight lifting in the wrong way can damage your body joints in great instances.

Another benefit of cycling as a hobby is exploring many adventurous and natural sceneries. On the cycle, I often go with friends and explore new parts of the city, which results in increasing our knowledge about the different routes of the city.

The world is facing an enormous problem which is global warming. One of the main reasons for global warming is pollution and carbon emission. But the cycle is very eco-friendly and a good source of transportation. It doesn’t require any fuel or emit any harmful pollutants. This cycle is essential in numerous ways.

My Hobby Essay – 300 to 400 Words for Class 9,10 Students

When anyone talks about hobbies, we mostly witness the hobbies of men. It’s rare to hear about the hobbies of girls. So in this essay, I’m going to tell you about my hobby as a girl. Cooking is my hobby, this activity gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

For some girls, cooking is very irritating for them and they don’t even want to step into the kitchen. But for me, my hobby is relaxing therapy, every time when I step into the kitchen it feels like I enter heaven. I also want to advise girls, especially housewives, to love and enjoy cooking.

In cooking, I love to take on new challenges and do experiments with new ingredients and recipes. All of my family members praise me for my delicious cooking dishes. Not only my family but also my friends, whenever I invite them to lunch or dinner.

The one thing I love most about my hobby is its versatility. It offers a wide range of dishes like rice, curries, sweets, and so on. Whether I’m in the mood for something sweet, light, or hearty, there’s always something I can cook up to suit my cravings.  My hobby enables me to impress people by offering them delicious food.

Cooking is another way for people to get together. Whenever I invite my friends and colleagues, I cook food myself for them. And then we all sit together and enjoy the delicious food. So from this regard cooking is also a source of bond with others.  

It’s a fact that cooking is not so easy for everyone. Sometimes things don’t turn out as I planned and my ingredients and recipe don’t work for my dish. At this moment when I’ve not that much energy and motivation. I used to think about my past success and eventually, my past success motivates me to cook more. 

My hobby blesses me with peace of mind and body. It helps me to stay focused and productive which leads to developing a great character. Cooking also helps to improve my skills of creativity and to connect with others. Whenever I’m in the kitchen I feel great, as my hobby nourishes my mind and soul.

My Hobby Essay – 500+ Words for Class 11,12 Students

My Hobby Essay - 500+ Words for Class 11,12 Students

Introduction of Gardening Is My Hobby Essay

A hobby can be defined as an activity that a person doesn’t do in routine work. But whenever one gets free time he/she likes to do that activity. This activity is called a hobby of that person. Usually, a hobby is like a passion and a person wants to do it passionately. 

So now I want to tell you about my hobby and that is gardening. From my childhood, I was attached to plants and trees and I don’t even know how much I love to spend time in gardens. Because my love for plants is next level and the garden of the house is proof of my love towards gardening.

Gardening as a Relaxing Therapy

I found myself very close to gardening as it keeps my mind fresh. It’s a fact that nature helps you to relax your mind and body and my hobby works great for me in this regard. Whenever I’m in the garden I forget the stress of the outside world which results in the reduction of stress levels in my body.

Benefits of Gardening

Gardening has countless benefits for us. Some of them are explained below.

1. Weed Elimination

Weeds are the major cause of reducing yields of crops. It is also a source of producing insects which results in disease and the destruction of plants. And studies prove that these unwanted plants consume many natural resources like nutrients from soil and energy from sunlight. And for weed elimination gardening is the only option.

2. Plants are a Source of Vitamins

No one can deny the fact that plants are a significant source of many vitamins. Spinach and Broccoli plants are sources of Vitamin A. Everyone knows how much Vitamin D is essential for our body. And it can also get from plants like Mushrooms plants are a good source of Vitamin D.

3. Major Source of Oxygen

Everyone knows the importance of oxygen in our lives. Because it’s a basic need for our body no one can survive without oxygen. Our world is suffering from global warming because of deforestation.

The scientist provides a solution to global warming and that is replantation. And I think gardening can also help us to fight against global warming. So everyone has to take it seriously and plant at least 2 plants to make a beautiful garden.

4. Provides Healthy Food

Gardening blesses us in many ways, and it’s also a source of healthy food and fruits. In-home gardening where there is no use of pesticides and menopause, which results in healthy foods. This food is more beneficial for our bodies.

Conclusion of Gardening Is My Hobby Essay

The benefits of gardening are numerous for our physical, mental, and emotional health. My hobby is eco-friendly as it helps in environmental sustainability. Usually, a hobby is enjoyable to a particular age group, but my hobby can be enjoyable for people of all ages. 

Gardening increases our love of nature and this love is essential for all of us. As this emotion helps us to keep our environment clean and green. This habit will also result in overcoming a major problem and that is global warming. Thus I advise everyone to take part actively to protect our environment.

FAQs on My Hobby Essay

Dancing as a hobby is a leisure activity that involves learning and practicing various styles of dance for personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

Gardening as a hobby is the practice of cultivating and caring for plants, flowers, and vegetables in a designated outdoor or indoor space.

As a hobby gardener, you can choose to grow a variety of plants, including flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and succulents.

Writing as a hobby is the act of expressing oneself through written words, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or journaling.

Writing as a hobby has several benefits, including improving communication skills, enhancing creativity, promoting self-reflection, and providing a sense of accomplishment.