10 Lines on My Mother

10 Lines on My Mother: Many people deserve appreciation in our lives as these people have made a significant impact on us. And if we have to choose only one person for appreciation, all of us will choose our mothers without any doubt. Because a mother is a symbol of love.

5,10,20 Lines on My Mother In English For Students

Mothers are known for their sacrifices and unconditional love for their children and family. Every mother is a superwoman, as she does little things to big things and we all have to be grateful for our mothers. None of us can imagine her life without a mother.

Using different sets of words in English. We’re providing 5 lines, 20 lines, points, a few lines, sentences, and 10 lines on my mother for kids, children, and students. This article is also helpful for those who are preparing for competitive exams.

5 Lines on My Mother For Kids

Students in classes 1,2,3,4 and 5 can benefit from this set.

  1. My mother’s name is Serla and she loves me unconditionally.
  2. She’s my support system as she’s always there for my support.
  3. I learn everything about life from my mother.
  4. My mother is an intelligent woman and she’s a very kind person.
  5. I always take suggestions from her and I love my mother so much.

10 Lines on My Mother For Children

Following are the 10 lines on my mother. Students in classes 6,7, and 8 can benefit from this set.

10 Lines on My Mother For Children
  1. My mother is a kind-hearted woman and she also encourages me to help others.
  2. She takes care of everyone in our house.
  3. My mother is a master chef and she cooks delicious food for all of us.
  4. She rectifies my mistakes and sometimes scolds me for my mistakes.
  5. My Mother is my secret keeper and I tell all my secrets to her.
  6. She’s also a great listener as I daily tell my mom about my day.
  7. My mother helps me in all aspects of my life.
  8. She’s also helped me to choose my career and guide me with a roadmap.
  9. Whenever I secure good marks in my exams she gives me my favourite clothes.
  10. My mother means everything to me and I love her insanely.

10 Sentences and Points on My Mother For Students

Following are the 10 lines from my mother. Students in classes 9 and 10 can benefit from this set.

10 Sentences and Points on My Mother For Students
  1. Mother loves and cares for her child unconditionally because she is God’s supreme and divine creation.
  2. A successful man is said to be guided by the hand of a woman, our mother being that woman.
  3. A child can depend on and trust blindly to her mom.
  4. My mother taught me household activities and I helped my mother with housework.
  5. She also taught me to respect women and treat them well.
  6. My mother spends many sleepless nights whenever I become ill.
  7. She also taught me to face all the problems of life boldly.
  8. She’s like a real leader for me as my mother always guides me on the right path.
  9. She always makes sure to give us the best quality education.
  10. My mother always treats me with love and I also love my world.

20 Lines on My Mother for Higher Class Students

This set is beneficial for classes of 11, 12, and competitive exams students.

20 Lines on My Mother for Higher Class Students
  1. My mother’s name is Sehwta Tewari and she’s a doctor.
  2. My mother is the most precious gift I could ever have in my life.
  3. Despite being a doctor she also manages our house.
  4. She takes care of every person without thinking of her own health.
  5. I want to feel proud of my mother for fulfilling her wish for me to become a doctor.
  6. My mother wakes up early in the morning and makes breakfast for all of us.
  7. After doing all the household work she goes to the hospital for her job.
  8. She does a job in the government Hospital of Delhi.
  9. Before leaving for her job she prepared lunch for me and my siblings.
  10. She loves all of us and ensures to treat all of us equally.
  11. My mother is so humble and rather than criticizing me for my mistakes, she teaches me to learn from them.
  12. The tireless and unconditional effort my mother puts into raising our family makes me feel sorry for her.
  13. Being a mother’s son is one of the greatest honors in the world, as it is our responsibility to serve them as they grow older.
  14. My mother is always ready to sacrifice her desires only for the happiness of her family.
  15. She supports every member of my family and encourages us to face every situation fearlessly.
  16.  When it comes to my studies and homework, my mother asks about everything that I do in school.
  17. For her child’s growth and development, she provides a safe and friendly environment.
  18. Without informing anyone, she bears all the trouble and even she doesn’t complain to anyone.
  19.  Her contributions to the family are immeasurable and she holds a special place in my heart.
  20. I don’t know how I could pay back for my mother’s love and sacrifices but I’ll always try to give her happiness.

FAQs on 10 Lines on My Mother

Mother’s Day in India is typically celebrated by giving gifts, cards, and flowers to mothers, as well as spending time with them and cooking special meals for them.

Mothers have a significant impact on their children’s lives, shaping their values, beliefs, and perspectives.

Motherly love differs from other types of love in its intensity, selflessness, and unwavering nature.