Easy Steps To Write Abstracts for Research Paper

An Abstract refers to a single-paragraph summary of a research paper that is written before the introduction. The purpose of an abstract is to concisely highlight the essence of a research paper. It helps readers to determine whether a particular research paper is relevant or beneficial for them or not.

Students are strongly recommended to write abstracts for their every research paper. However, sometimes students see it as a mystery. They sometimes cannot include all the key information within a limited number of words in the abstract (usually around 100 to 300).

Abstracts for Research Paper

As a student, you may also sometimes face difficulty in effectively writing abstracts for research papers, so don’t worry. In this post, we are going to explain some easy steps, following which you can write an abstract for your research paper.

Process of Writing Abstracts for Research Paper-Explained in Easy Steps

Writing effective abstracts for research papers requires students to have some critical skills. To simplify the process, we explained the whole process of abstract writing in simple to-do steps.

Step:1 Go Through and Understand the Research Paper

In the first step, you are required to go through the whole research paper to apprehend all of its essence. Doing so will assist you in crafting abstracts that are precise/accurate.

Best Tips to Understand A Research Paper

Following are some best tips that will help you to better understand or comprehend a research paper:

  • You should read all the main parts of the research paper according to the IMRaD structure sequence which is Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion.
  • For better apprehension, we suggest splitting or breaking the research paper into small paragraphs.
  • Read every line of the writing with full focus/attention. For complex details, we suggest giving some extra time.
  • Make yourself clear about the questions that are; what a research paper is conveying, what are its arguments, and what are its outcomes?

All in all, we suggest reading/going through the research paper multiple times until you get its core intent and theme.

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Step:2  Highlight All the Pointed Out Key Points of Every Section

Now the next step comes where you are required to highlight all the picked or pointed out key points from the research paper. Let’s briefly explain the key points. By key points, we refer to the pivotal or central information of words that are enough to convey the core message of a research paper.

In this step, you need to find out all the main points of the research paper and highlight all the key points to be explained later on. In the below points, we’ve listed some tips that will make you effectively highlight all the primary points of your research paper.

Tips to Highlight Primary/Key Points from Research Paper:

  •     To highlight the central points, you can write them in the first line of the corresponding paragraph.
  •     You can underline or bold those points or details within the research paper to make them prominent.
  •     Another way is to list all the pivotal points in a separate file.

In conclusion, you can choose any of the aforesaid ways to highlight key points after recognizing them.

A Real-Time Example of Highlighting Primary Points of A Text:

“It has been seen from previous decades that climate change is increasing very fast. The reason behind such a great climate change that we are seeing in the present days is the ignorant and careless activities of human beings.”

Key Word: “Climate Change”

Step:3 Explain the Key Points

Let’s start the actual process of crafting the first draft of the abstract for a research paper, in this step. Here, you need to explain or describe each key point in a clear as well as concise manner.

Beneficial Tips to Explain Key Points In Crafting Abstracts

Below are some useful tips and tricks that will make you effectively describe all the key points in your writing:

  •     Use clear and straightforward language in abstracts.
  •     Avoid unnecessary words or secondary information.
  •     Don’t include any personal bias or observation.
  •     Keep an eye on the word limit that is provided by the institute.
  •     Maintain coherence between the sentences of abstracts.

And so on…

Step:4 Proofread the Abstract

Proofreading is the last step, where your abstracts for the research paper will be finalized. Proofreading refers to all the actions that are done for identifying as well as correcting the errors in writing.

Things to Consider While Proofreading the Abstracts:

Here, are some useful points, considering which will help you accurately proofread your abstracts:

  •     You should review the abstract for grammar, clarity, and accuracy issues.
  •     Remove unnecessary information in case you find any.
  •     Carefully catch grammar and typos issues.
  •     Check your abstract and ensure that it matches the provided requirements.

Additional Step-Use a Super-Fast and Precise Way of Writing Abstract for Research Paper

Writing abstracts for your research papers is not free of hassles. But it always demands critical summarizing skills, a lot of time, as well as effort. In this scenario, relying always on the manual process is not a wise act.

Let’s revolutionize the abstract writing process with advanced AI tech. Nowadays, tech experts have introduced online summarizing tools that are integrated with machine learning technology. An AI summarizer is capable of doing all the above steps (of the manual process) within a matter of seconds.

Basically, there is innovative AI tech that is functioning at the backend of summarizers which makes the tools. The tech enables these tools to precisely condense a long-form research paper in limited words, which you can use as the “Abstract.”

Practical Use of an AI Summarizer for Abstract Writing:

“We summarized a sample research paper with the help of a well-known online summarizing tool i.e. Summarizer.org. The summarizer took no time to condense all the essence of the provided research paper within a small number of words.”

Result We Got After Summarization:

“Climate change is a global challenge with profound implications for ecosystems, societies, and economies. This research paper provides an overview of its causes, impacts, and future consequences, along with mitigation and adaptation strategies. It emphasizes the need for urgent action and international cooperation to address this challenge and protect future generations.”


AI Summarizer for Abstract Writing

Similarly, you can utilize the summarizing tool to automatically write “Abstracts” for research papers.

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Abstracts is the critical and beginning part of a research paper that is written before the introduction. An abstract need to be clear, information-rich, coherent, and unique. Accomplishing all of these requirements is mostly a difficult task for students.

In this post, we made the abstract writing process simple with the help of some easy steps. Along the manual process, we explained an automatic, precise as well as easier-to-do method for abstract writing.