Effective Strategies for Writing an Outstanding English Essay

Essays are a part of the life of the students, and every student wishes to score the highest marks. English essay writing is a skill. And each skill can be improved.

Outstanding English Essay

In this article, we will take a look at the strategies that you can follow to write an outstanding English essay and score high marks. So, if you are here to learn to write essays properly, let’s dive in!

5 Strategies that Can Help You Write a Good Essay

Here are some basic strategies that can help you write an effective and compelling essay.

1. Properly Understand What to Write

The first thing to do before starting an essay is to understand the question. Students often ignore this, and just read the question once, and start writing, without properly understanding what they are being asked. If you are doing this as well, stop! 

To understand a question properly, you need to read it at least thrice. In addition, is the question asking you to demonstrate any specific areas of module knowledge?

Only start writing when you have answers to all of these questions. If something is unclear, you should ask your professor or teacher for further instructions. 

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2. Use / Evidence for Your Arguments

In an essay, you give your arguments. That’s a part of every essay and a must, right? Let’s give you a tip that will help you impress the reader of your essay. 

When giving arguments, if you use evidence to prove it, you’ll sound more credible, and the reader will be convinced.

For example, if you just say:

AI is not as creative as humans so it won’t replace them.

This is fine, but why should the reader believe it? But when you do it like this:

AI won’t replace humans as they lack the creativity and the skill of critical thinking that humans have. Jobs like graphic designing need the creativity that only humans have. In an article by SimpliLearn, this is explained (it’s optional. If you add a sentence like this to back up your argument, this will make your text much more authentic) 

This sounds much more credible and the reader will likely to get convinced of your idea. 

3. Organize the Essay in a Proper Format

Essays have a basic format that you have to follow. Your academic institute might have its own, but the general essay format goes like this.

  • Introduction – Start the essay with an introduction to the topic, and a brief about what you will be discussing.
  • Body – This includes everything. All the arguments you will give, things you will discuss, everything will be here in the body. 
  • Conclusion – End the essay by giving final thoughts about the topic, and concluding your arguments. 

That’s how you should write an essay if your teacher hasn’t given any instructions regarding the format of the essay. 

4. Write Clearly and Concisely

The best strategy to impress the reader? It’s the choice of words in your essay. Your text must be clear and easily readable for the reader. Words should be based on the topic that you are discussing.

Conciseness means that you should not use more than the required words to define something. Try to use as less words as possible to describe as much as you can. This gives a good sign to the reader and doesn’t make him think that they are wasting time reading repetitive things

To make your text clearer and more concise, it’s also possible for you to use online tools.

Assume that you have already written an essay, and at some point, you think some parts of it can be improved by using better words. In this situation, instead of manually rewriting the text, you can use an essay rewriter, which will rewrite it for you using AI.

These tools are designed to use simple wording in the essay to make it more clear and easily understandable. They do it by replacing difficult words present in your essay with their easier synonyms. 

5. Use the Same Tone Across the Article

If your essay is not uniform, and multiple styles and tones are used all over it, it becomes less professional. To score high marks, you need to make sure you use the same tone throughout the essay.

For example, if the essay is about a serious topic such as a crime, then you need to use a formal tone when writing, all across the essay. Don’t change it anywhere. If you are reading this after you have written the essay, don’t worry. You still have options to improve it. 

One way is to read the whole essay, highlight the sentences that have different tones, and then reword those to match the same tone. Another thing you can do is paraphrase online. This means that you can use an online tool that will help you paraphrase text using its AI, and match the same tone.  

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In conclusion, being able to write an outstanding English essay is a proper skill

Not only for your academic period but after that as well. If you know how to write proper essays, you have the skill to explain and convince people using your words.

The article above discussed basic things you should follow when writing an essay. We hope it will help you improve your skills.