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Short and Long My Best Friend Essay In English For Children and Students

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My Best Friend Essay 10 Lines – 100 to 150 Words for Class 3,4,5 Kids

  • Bobie is my best friend.
  • We have been studying in the same school since primary.
  • We help each other in doing homework.
  • We motivate and guide each other.
  • My friend is very intelligent and kindful.
  • He always helps everyone.
  • I share all my secrets with him.
  • When I need help, he’s always there for me.
  • His jokes are very funny and also helps me in science studies.
  • Our friendship is very pure.

Short My Best Friend Essay – 200 to 250 Words for Class 6,7,8 Children

Short Essay on My Best Friend

Rockie is my best friend. We’re batch mates from primary school days. He has a decent family, as his father is a doctor, and his mother is a housewife. When it comes to positions in exams, Rockies mostly take the first position in our group. My best friend and I take an active part in outdoor games and stage performances.

My Best friend is the only one who understands me and it’s a very real word that;

                “Not every well-behaved friend is your real best friend”

But having a best friend is essential because it helps us in our social life and also for walking in the right direction. And my best friend always helps me to keep moving in the right direction. He is like a leader to me.

When it comes to performing in front of an audience in school. He wins prizes most of the time, because of his great speaking ability. He always speaks with confidence and also helps me a lot with this public speaking skill. 

He is a very popular boy in our class and school. Everyone appreciates him for his good deeds, he is always available for every needy person. Our friendship bond is amazing, and we believe it’ll remain forever.

My Best Friend Essay – 300 to 400 Words for Class 9,10 Students

My Best Friend Essay Image

Everyone wants love and affection in this world. And usually, we all have that one person who gives love and affection after our parents are our best friends. Brack is that one person for me, he’s my best friend. We got early education from the same institute and he’s never left me helpless in any situation.

Life becomes full of joy when you and your best friend live in the same locality. And luckily my best friend and I live in the same area, so I and Brack enjoy it a lot, and most of our time was spent together. We are doing many activities together, like cycling, running, outdoor games, etc. We are enjoying our childhood, and making many memories.

                          “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

You are very lucky when you have a person to share your feelings with. And in this matter, I am very lucky, because I’ve my best friend with whom I share all my feelings and secrets. He’s very special to me, he also understands my feelings and gives me his precious suggestions.

Lucky are those whose friends have a positive attitude toward them. Because the positive attitude of your friend has led you towards success. And I’m on the list of lucky ones because my best friend has a positive attitude toward me. He always motivates me to achieve the goals of my life and guides me when I distract from my goals.

When it comes to interests and hobbies, it seems that best friends usually have common interests. My best friend and I have a common interest in cricket. We joined Azad Cricket Academy 2 years ago and usually go in the morning there for practice. But my best friend is great in batting and bowling, as he’s a all-rounder.

An honest friend is the most valued gift for a man in our world. And if you have a best friend, then you’re a lucky person. Because a best friend is the one to whom you can share your thoughts and anything you want to share. And I’m a lucky guy to have a best friend like Brack, as our mutual understanding is insane.

My Best Friend Essay – 500+ Words for Class 11,12 Students

Introduction of My Best Friend Essay

Not everyone is blessed enough to have a best friend in life. The journey of life is filled with many people, but only a few leave an impression on us. And my best friend is the only one who leaves a deep impression on my life. For the longest time, we’ve been part of each other’s lives, and our friendship continues to grow.

Revealing Some Facts

Now, I’m revealing the most interesting fact about my best friend. The truth is my best friend is not only my friend but also my real brother. Yes, you read it right, my twin brother is my best friend. From our birth to this age, we’re always been together. Our mother gives us birth with a difference of 2 minutes. So according to this, my best friend is older than me.

Bond With My Best Friend

One of the greatest blessings of my life was growing up with a twin brother. It’s not only that I’ve someone who exactly looks like me, but also my best friend. My twin brother and I have a bond of unconditional love. From the day we’re born, our understanding is very good for each other.

Since my twin brother is my best friend, we’re together by birth. Our bond has been so real and strong since childhood. We always did things together, from sleeping too recently in college. We have the same interests and vision regarding anything.

Our Interest In Sports

As we’ve common interests regarding anything. But in sports we don’t have common interests, I like cricket, and he likes football. So the only time we’re not together is when we’re practising on the grounds. My best friend goes to the football academy and I go to the cricket academy.

Although, I’ve no interest in football when my best friend plays the match. I go to watch his match and support him as an audience. Likewise, my best friend comes to support my cricket match. But skillswise, he’s a great football player. And he’s very famous in the town for his next-level football skills.

Our Purpose In Life

As everyone has a purpose in life regarding his/her career. Our purpose and plan of life are to become doctors and want to serve humanity and our country. Because we want to help the people who live in privileged areas of our country.

The reason to help these people is, in today’s modern world where we’ve many modern treatments for diseases. But in backward areas of our country, people are dying of many minor diseases, because there are very few doctors to treat them. We think this is the best way to serve humanity and our country as well.

Conclusion of My Best Friend Essay

In conclusion, I want to say that I’m too lucky to experience the joy of a twin brother as a best friend. Having a best friend is a blessing, but having a twin brother as a best friend is the greatest blessing. There is nothing more special than the relationship I have with my twin brother.

Long Essay on My Best Friend – 1000+ Words for Competitive Exams Students With Headings

Long Essay on My Best Friend

Introduction of My Best Friend Essay

Friendship is a relationship in this relationship two persons share common interests and experiences in life. This relationship is purely based on trust, loyalty, and mutual understanding. It’s not necessary to have this relationship in childhood only.

Friendship can be formed at any stage of life and to make this relationship long-lasting, efforts require from both sides. Efforts in terms of sacrifice, care, blind trust, and many more. A person has many friends in his life like his childhood friend, school friends, college friends, and so on.

But a best friend is the only friend in his life, who stays with him in all stages of his life. A best friend is the one you call anytime and share your feelings with to feel better. A best friend is like a leader, mentor, and teacher. Friendship is a relationship of mutual understanding.

My Mother is My Best Friend

Many people have best friends in the face of their wives, friends, brothers, etc. But fewer people have a best friend in their mother. My mother is my best friend and the greatest blessing of my life. She is the only one who knows best about me.

I can also say that my mother knows more about me, even myself. She is always with me in all my ups and downs and motivates me to achieve my goals. Although we’re five siblings, I’m the elder one, and very close to my mother’s heart.

Our Understanding and Bonding

Undoubtedly, I can say that my mother is my best friend and role model in my life. She’s always standing behind me like a rock and supports me in all my thicks and thins. My mother is the supreme person in my life, every other relation of my life comes after my mother.

In other words my best friend, my first love, my support system, and peace of mind. In short, I can’t write in words how much I love my mother. From the day I was born, my mother cared for me, she raised me from an infant to adulthood. I can’t thank her for her deeds.

Hardworking and Dedication of My Best Friend

My mother is a very hardworking and kind lady. She worked hard to raise her children, and teach them to the best of her knowledge. She sacrificed almost everything for me, like her body and time to bring me. As a best friend, she shares all of her thoughts with me.

As a best friend, I share all my feelings and secrets with her. She listens to me with all of her attention and guides me with the best based on her experience. She is like an all-in-one for me, from a mother to a leader. She has done everything for me, and still, she is doing it for me.

My Best Friend’s Role in My Life

My best friend is multi-talented, as she has many qualities. She is the one who encourages me to take a stand for myself. Because if you can’t even stand for yourself, you can’t take it for anyone. Her encouragement gives me so much power that now I’m able to fight against bullies.

She taught me to love everyone, not only humans but also animals. I remember when we were passing through a road and a cat was hitten by a car. My best friend said to me that, we’ve to help this injured cat. So we rescued her and took her to an animal hospital for her treatment.

My Career Path

My best friend also helps me in choosing my career path. When I share my feelings about the career of my life, she listens to me carefully and suggests multiple career paths. Her suggestions are purely based on her experiences and knowledge.

So we mutually decided that I will become a soldier to serve my homeland. The reason to become a soldier is to protect our country from our enemies. She is also very brave, as she knows borders are very dangerous and ready to send me to the borders of the country. 

Our Same Interests

Although my best friend and I have a major age difference, but we’ve many similar interests. Like we both love to watch horror movies, especially at night. Usually, our weekends are spent watching movies late at night. I can’t even feel that I’ve another best friend.

Many things we’re doing together, but I never cross my line in terms of respect. We always give personal space to each other and respect each other’s privacy. Thus, we’re best friends with mutual understanding.

My Companion in Hard Times

As I tell you, my mother is my best friend. She’s always there to correct me and make sure to save me from any kind of trouble. She’s like a saviour in every hard time of my life. I remember when I failed class 5 and I came home with a sad face. So my mother motivates me and strengthens me in those bad times.

She also taught me how to respect a woman and comfort her with my presence. It’s not wrong if I say, my mother is not only my best friend, but a mentor, companion, leader, and so on. She always has an eye on my activities to make sure that I don’t do anything wrong.

Conclusion of My Best Friend Essay

No doubt, the mother is a great blessing in our lives. But when she becomes your best friend is an enormous blessing in one’s life. I’m so impressed with her qualities like her kindness, loyalty, and so on. I can also say that my mother is the best mom in the world.

Not only the best mom but a best friend, a leader, a lover, a protector, in short all-in-one. She works for me 27/7, without rest, and often we don’t even realise this. I also want to say to my readers, please love your mother and make her your best friend too. She deserves everything because she gives her whole life to you.

Some Quotes on My Best Friend Essay

The following are some of the most popular quotes from my best friend.

  • Friendship goals.
  • Brother from another mother.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • The major blessing of life is friendship.
  • A best friend is the one, you can call at midnight.

My Best Friend Essay PDF Download

my best friend essay PDF download
My Best Friend Essay PDF Download

FAQs on My Best Friend Essay

Best friends are our well-wishers with whom we can share everything, so everyone must have one.

Caring, understanding, and loyalty are some essential qualities for a best friend.

Yes, a person knows around its existing people, so it’s very important to have good friends.