Paragraph on My Best Friend

Paragraph on My Best Friend: Having a boon companion in one’s life is compulsory. You know what I mean by a boon companion, let me tell you. It means a best friend or a real friend. It’s the only person who knows you and understands your feelings and emotions.

Short and Long Paragraphs on My Best Friend In English for Students

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Paragraph on My Best Friend – 100 to 150 Words for Class 1,2,3

A best friend is the closest and most important person in our lives. Everyone shares everything with their best friends, as everyone trusts his/her best friend and they support us unconditionally. That’s why a best friend is also called our support system.

When it comes to a relationship, understanding is a very important factor in it. And studies show that best friends have a great understanding between them. Not only understanding but also having a strong bond between them.

A real friend is one who stands not only in good times but also in bad times. It’s a truth that best friends are not your real brothers or sisters but sometimes. They mean more than our real siblings.

Short Paragraph on My Best Friend – 150 to 200 Words for Class 4,5,6 Children

Short Paragraph on My Best Friend

Time flies like nothing when you’re with your best friend. My best friend’s name is Yousuf. He’s my best friend from class 1. His family moved into our town in 2015. When he comes to my school for admission, luckily he got admission to my class and I love to sit beside him.

We celebrate all festivals together, not only us but our families. Yousuf loves to play basketball and his basketball skills are insane. As I tell you my best friend loves basketball, with extraordinary height. And the most amazing thing about Yousuf is his calm behaviour, as a great athlete.

From my best friend, I learned how to respect our elders and help needy people. We always come first when it comes to social activities. We often stay late in our school to clean our classroom. And our parents also trust in us that we’re not doing anything wrong. 

I shared all my secrets with Yousuf and he never betrayed me. We have a strong relationship of friendship and look to strengthen this relationship over time.

Paragraph on My Best Friend – 200 to 250 Words for Class 7,8 Students

Everyone claims that they have the world’s best friend but actually it’s not true. Because when you stay away from your best friend for some time, they forget you. So my advice to all my readers is to find your best friend in your family. Because your family member will never leave you until death.

Now I want to tell you about my best friend who is none other than my father. My father is my best friend, which is very rare in this world. The reason for our friendship is the difference between us. The average age difference between a father and son is 35 years but in my case, this difference is only 18 years, almost half than average.

Every child loves to see magic but I believe that my father is a magician for me. All my troubles and difficulties in life vanished because of him. I never feel like having another friend in the presence of my father. He‘s my best friend, my guardian, my meteor, in short, my everything.

I’ve all the qualities of my father by birth. We both love to study the medical field, as by profession my best friend is a doctor. And I also love to study medicine and want to become a doctor like my best friend.

All my doubts and confusion are solved by my father not only in my studies but also in every part of my life. I think that those who are lucky can experience a friendship with their fathers. I strongly believe that our friendship will last forever.

Long Paragraph on My Best Friend – 300+ Words for Class 9,10,11,12 Students

Long Paragraph on My Best Friend

Everyone has a best friend in his/her life because it’s essential to have a best friend in life. Some have a best friend in the form of a cousin, some in the form of a male friend, and so on. But life is filled with happiness when a wife becomes a best friend in one’s life.

So I’m lucky enough to have my wife as my best friend. My wife is a wonderful lady. She’s not only my life partner but a partner in every happiness and sorrow of my life. We’ve been good friends since our school time, but now we became an inseparable part of each other’s life.

My best friend is multi-talented as she works day and night for me and my kids. She can’t even take a rest due to illness, that’s why I loved her so much. She’s the source of my happiness as whenever I see her, my heart fills with happiness.

We passed our school and college together. I still remember when I didn’t have enough courage to talk to her. Because I’ve been very shy since childhood, but after some time we became friends. And she also taught me how to talk fearlessly. 

My wife is also a source of support and encouragement for me. As a best friend, she’s always present for me, no matter what challenges and problems I face in life. I’m able to pursue my dreams and be the best version of myself because of her support.

Furthermore, when it comes to teamwork, my best friend always becomes my teammate and she proves herself a great partner. Our shared goals are accomplished together, and we support each other through the ups and downs of life.

My best friend is an amazing person for me and my children. She makes me smile every day, and I believe that our relationship will only grow stronger over time. Having a partner who is also your best friend is truly a gift.

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A true friend is one who stands beside you anytime.

You can surprise your best friend by giving gifts.

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