10 Lines on My Best Friend

10 Lines on My Best Friend: An average person meets infinite people in their whole life. Some of them leave an impact, and some of them become good friends. But there is a person who has a strong influence in one’s life, and that’s his best friend.

Every person is impressed by the qualities of his best friend. A person who helps you in bad times is your real friend. When a person enjoys his good times, every other person shows that is his friend. But a best friend is the only one who stands and helps you in every phase of life.

5,10,20 Lines on My Best Friend In English For Students

Friendship is a beautiful relationship in our lives. It encourages us and guides us to achieve our goals and become successful people. This relationship is purely based on mutual understanding and trust. Every person loves to spend his time with friends.

Using different sets of words in English. We’re providing 5 lines, 20 lines, points, a few lines, sentences, and 10 lines on my best friend for kids, children, and students. This article is also helpful for those who are preparing for competitive exams. You can also read our article on paragraph on my best friend.

5 Lines on My Best Friend For Kids

Students in classes 1,2,3,4 and 5 can benefit from this set.

  1. Raj is my best friend out of all my friends.
  2. We study in Grammar Public School from the playgroup.
  3. Raj and I play cricket together in school in the morning.
  4. Normally we both are good at studies, but my best friend takes the first position in the class.
  5. My life would be incomplete without him and I feel blessed to have him in my life.

10 Lines on My Best Friend For Children

Following are the 10 lines on my best friend. Students in classes 6,7, and 8 can benefit from this set.

10 Lines on My Best Friend For Children
  1. In this today’s modern world, where people hardly manage time to talk to their families.
  2. And it’s a blessing in this world to have a close friend, where friendship becomes rare.
  3. I’m so lucky that in this fast-moving world to have a best friend like Will.
  4. We’ve been friends since our childhood but now we’re best friends for the past 2 years.
  5. We passed our 10th standard from the same school and now we’re in the same college.
  6. I often visit his house, as we live in the same locality.
  7. Will’s father is a university professor and his mother is a software engineer.
  8. I’m a well-known student in my college because of my best friend.
  9. My best friend is the captain of our college’s cricket team, as he’s a great all-rounder player.
  10. Our bond and friendship are growing and becoming stronger with the passage of time.

10 Sentences and Points on My Best Friend For Students

Following are the 10 lines on my best friend. Students in classes 9 and 10 can benefit from this set.

10 Sentences and Points on My Best Friend For Students
  1. Usually, a best friend is the one who knows all your ups and downs because he/she is always with you.
  2. Now I’m talking about me, that I have a best friend named Priya.
  3. Having a female best friend is something different as you can share all your feelings with her.
  4. The best part of our friendship is that she made delicious food and she shared her lunch with me.
  5. Priya and I became best friends from our childhood as her family moved to our town.
  6. In our childhood, she often came to our house to play with my toys.
  7. She’s an amazing dancer and painter, and I also learn these skills from her.
  8. I also visit my friend often, and we do many activities and study in her house.
  9. We also go together on a school picnic, as her parents trust me and tell me to take care of her.
  10. Our friendship is like a dream for a person who doesn’t have any best friends.

20 Lines on My Best Friend for Higher Class Students

This set is beneficial for classes of 11, 12, and competitive exams students.

20 Lines on My Best Friend for Higher Class Students
  1. It’s not necessary that good chemistry exists only between husband and wife. Best friends also have good chemistry between them.
  2. The reason for good chemistry is they understand each other and also could read each other’s minds.
  3. In a difficult situation in one’s life, a best friend is the right person who guides him to get rid of this difficult time.
  4. When you feel low or in a bad mood, It’s the best friend who revives your mood with jokes.
  5. Every person faces this time in life when you’ve no one at your side, but the only person behind you is your best friend.
  6. This best friend encourages you to boost your confidence which helps you to pass your bad times and fight for good days.
  7. Everyone shares all of the good and bad events of their lives with best friends. 
  8. Most friends celebrate their friendship day on July 30th as this day is celebrated as “International Friendship Day”.
  9. Every best friend is like a sister and brother to his friend as they support us in every phase of life.
  10. When anyone is with his best friend, time passes like a high-speed train.
  11. My best friend and I play cricket, not only cricket every game we play together.
  12. Other activities like video games, listening to songs, and more, I do with my best friend.
  13. My best friend also helps me with studies, making assignments, and also explains all my queries.
  14. I never take stressed or feel depressed in any condition because of my best friend, he’s my life support.
  15. We often spend weekends together, not only weekends, all festivals we celebrate together.
  16. At some points we disagree about anything, but we don’t fight with each other.
  17.  I have participated in many school and community sports competitions with my best friend.
  18. My best friend and I are appreciated by our society as we take part actively in social activities.
  19. We also enjoy engaging in social service work together, such as tutoring poor children and arranging funds for the needy.
  20. Our love for each other is unimaginable, and we’re sure that this love continues to grow over time. 

FAQs on 10 Lines on My Best Friend

Yes, my best friend is like a brother to me.

Yes, lucky are those who have a female best friend.

Yes, my best friend’s parents also like me a lot.